Dental Services


We offer all types of restorative dentistry including bonded tooth colored fillings and crowns.

Implants, bridges and partial dentures

There are many different ways to replace missing teeth. We will take the time to discuss which option suits you best.

Root canals

We would like to show you that this procedure no longer deserves its bad reputation. This is usually a routine procedure that will relieve your aching tooth.

Digital X-rays

Radiographs, commonly referred to as "x-rays" are essential to help maintain optimal oral health. Digital radiographs produce much less radiation than "traditional" radiographs. They help to identify decay, wisdom teeth, cysts, abscesses, among other things that cannot be detected by the naked eye.

Wisdom tooth extractions

Most people do develop third molars, more commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. While some will erupt without problem and become functional teeth, most do require extraction.


  • scaling and root planning
  • sealants
  • fluoride
  • oral hygiene instruction
  • space maintainers


Our team takes time to ensure your child is comfortable in the dental chair. We believe that establishing a lasting relationship with our youngest patients is important for a lifetime of good dental health. Nitrous oxide sedation is available for those anxious youngsters.

Tooth whitening and cosmetic dentistry

A nice healthy looking smile can do wonders for self-confidence.